This is Sarah.

She works at an E-commerce company, where she’s
responsible for performance marketing (including Facebook Ads).

Sarah has a lot to do.

It’s impossible for Sarah to keep track of everything going on in her Facebook campaigns - every minute of every day of the week. Before Zalster, this resulted in a lot of opportunities being missed out on. Luckily, the Zalster Slack bot let’s her know if there’s anything important she should know about.

Artificial intelligence optimizes - instead of Sarah.

When Sarah is about to launch a new campaign, she goes to Facebook Ads Manager. Through the Zalster platform, Sarah then sets her ROAS goals and budgets - whereas the AI-based algorithms takes over the continuous optimization of the campaigns to ensure there are optimal, bids and settings.

Sarah’s getting an overview - in an instant

With the Zalster Slack bot, Sarah can at any time ask how the performance is going. This is easily shareable with colleagues in the Slack team. Sarah can also easily predict the outcome of her campaigns - through the Slack bot.

Sarah can now see the whole picture

With the admired dashboard in the Zalster platform - Sarah can easily get an overview of important metrics, trends and insights.

Whenever Sarah needs help...

...she’ll just live chat or call the Customer Success team. They’re happy to help her with anything from strategy questions to technical issues. Available 24/7.


Included functionality



per Ad Account


5% of Ad Spend

Monthly minimum charge: $595

Easy Reporting in Slack

Intelligent Predictions

Smart Recommendations

Customizable Dashboard

Automated Optimizations

24/7 Support

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

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