In the last couple of weeks, there has been a number of new features in Facebook Ads. In this article, we’re gonna take a look at three of these new features.

    1. Audiences based on Instagram engagers

    If you have an Instagram account with engaged followers, you now have the possibility to create a Custom Audience based on them. This Custom Audience can be used for retargeting – but also for finding new customers through a Lookalike Audience based on the Custom Audience consisting of your engaged Instagram followers.

    Here’s how to set it up

    1. Go to Audiences in Facebook Ads Manager
    2. Choose Engagement
    3. Choose Instagram business profile
    4. Choose the relevant Instagram account and a criteria. For example Everyone who engaged with your business. This includes everyone who visited your business on Instagram or engaged with your content or adverts, either on your business profile or in their own feed.” (Source: Facebook Ads Manager).
    5. Hit Create Audience

    In order to use this Custom Audience as prospecting for new customers, simply choose the Custom Audience, hit Actions and choose Create lookalike which will take you to the wizard for creating a Lookalike Audience you can use as targeting in an Ad Set.

    2. Messenger Ads

    1.2 billion people uses Messenger Ads to communicate with friends, family, colleagues and businesses. Starting this week, advertisers will be able to show their Ads in the feed of conversations (inside the Messenger app).

    We wrote an article about Messenger Ads and how to use it in your marketing stack. The short version: Simply choose Messenger when selecting placements on your Ad Sets. Messenger is also included in Automatic Placements.

    3. Two-point Conversion Optimization

    (It’s simpler than it sounds.)

    If you’re usually running Website Conversions campaigns and you have less than 15 daily conversions on your Ad Sets – this is definitely something for you to try.

    What happens when you have less than 15 daily conversions on an Ad Set is that Facebook algorithms won’t have sufficient volume to optimize upon. This might result in low delivery. When flicking the switch (shown in the GIF below), Facebook algorithms will optimize towards link clicks until your Ad Set reaches sufficient daily conversions for it to optimize towards your chosen optimization goal instead.