Facebook Canvas is now available through your page! Simply click “Publishing Tools” in the bottom of the left hand menu on your Facebook page settings.

    What possibilities opens up with this new format of post? Well, here’s a few ideas:

    • Story about your company
      The über-obvious chronology of this format makes it grateful to display a timeline of big (and hopefully interesting) events in your company’s history.
    • Story about specific product
      Let your customers follow the journey from idea to delivery. Let’s say you’re running a coffeehouse; Let your customers see a short and catchy history from the harvest of the coffee bean to a barista shouting the customer’s name in your coffeehouse.
    • Job ad
      Looking for new talents? Create an innovative job ad with Facebook Canvas! Endless possibilities of making that a hit!
    • Tell your customers about your employees
      Employer branding combined with sneaking in some juicy unique selling points about your products. Sweet!

    So, start rocking some Canvas! Let us know what you’re doing! @zalstercom