It’s 2018 and about time to include a marketing bot in your digital strategy.

    When it comes to successful marketing, automation is the key. Marketing bots have become a powerful force in marketing automation that allows you to get more done in less time. It’s basically a software programmed to automate certain tasks – all on its own.

    There are different kind of marketing bots, everything from one qualifying your leads, different chatbots to our powerful artificial intelligence Slack-bot that handles more complex requests, reports and can execute various tasks. In other words, bots will save you a tremendous amount of time, energy and money. So, if you often find yourself multitasking a marketing bot can help you take the load off.

    Facebook Ads automation in the form of a Slack bot is the result of pairing artificial intelligence with the struggles of a marketer. It’s almost impossible to keep track of everything going on in your Facebook campaigns – every minute of every day of the week. This often results in a lot of opportunities being missed out on. Luckily, the Zalster Slack bot will let you know when there is anything important you should know about and will give you unique insights and recommendations regarding performance, targeting and other valuable insights. Therefore no more decisions made on gut feeling and no more missing out on great opportunities.

    Growth is hiding in your Facebook campaigns. Unleash it with Zalster. 💸

    How does it work?

    Get a simple performance overview at any time
    Receive data driven recommendations
    Predict results with artificial intelligence
    Get unique insights of your ad account