We spend an excessive amount of time on our mobile and we often feel lost when losing cell service or battery (or at least speaking for myself). This means that it’s crucial for e-retailers to run a well oiled and updated machine, and a studie showed that about 40% of possible customers bounce from the site if there is just a delay of 3 seconds.  Also 49% said that they would shop more via mobile if it only was easier. As an e-retailer you need to keep up with the fast paced community not to loose those potential customers. That is why Facebook now has launched an Ad format to make a smoother and enhanced shopping experience for all – Collection Ads.

    Collection Ads is a format that allows you to tell a story and run a smoother shopping experience for your customers via mobile newsfeed. Collection Ads helps business achieve better results by eliminating the risk of having them bounce back while visiting the website on mobile by allowing them to see a collection of products before even leaving Facebook-soil.

    How it works

    First step is to create a product catalogue of the products to showcase. Don’t know how to create a product catalogue for this Ad format? Click here.

    You upload an image or video and then underneath place linked images. When you click on these images it leads to a canvas like environment – where you can showcase your products. Though there is a limitation of 50 products. The format brings you the possibility of an immerse storytelling experience. Allowing your customers to ”shop more seamlessly” as Facebooks Director of Product Marketing said. 

    So to break it down, Facebooks new Ad format Collections brings you the possibility of storytelling mixed with a new shopping experience. High five!

    Also note, that the Ad format is for mobile only and available in the Conversions and Traffic Campaigns.

    • Friction free
    • Mobile landing page that loads instantly when clicking.
    • Rich visuals with unique story telling
    • Easy to use custom templates (source: Facebook)

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