We met Cloetta (Sweden’s #1 Candy Manufacturer) at their headquarters in Malmoe (Sweden) and asked them how they work with Facebook and Instagram to keep their brands top of mind in their target groups. We’ve got some interesting insights from behind the scenes, learning a little bit of everything about utilizing social channels to increase relevant reach. On the other side of the table from me was Mikael Blomqwist, Digital Project Manager at Cloetta.

    But first: Cloetta?

    Cloetta is the company behind many of Sweden’s most beloved brands. Every swede has a special relationship with their brands. A few of them are Polly, Kexchoklad, Läkerol, Malaco and Ahlgrens bilar. Cloetta’s other main markets, besides Sweden, are Norway, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Denmark and Netherlands. And probably every Swede knows the almost 100 year old slogan “Take the right, take Cloetta” – which sounds terrible in English but rhymes very well in Swedish.

    Becoming top of mind

    ”It’s impossible to only take one.”

    pollyWith this motto, Cloetta market their candy Polly through Instagram by, in various ways, illustrating a big volume of Polly candies.

    For their other brand, Ahlgrens Bilar, it’s to be humoristic in the communication. Or as their brand position statement says: “The world’s tastiest and funniest car”. As you can see on their Instagram account, their manner is very unitary.

    By having an always on thinking in their accounts, they manage to stay top of mind and engage their core audience. For all of their accounts, they try to have new content published continuously – year round.

    Growing a relevant audience on Instagram

    ”We tend to monitor relevant hashtags in order to engage with people using our products – giving them an enhanced brand experience.”, Mikael says. By giving likes and comments on consumers uploads on Instagram, they simply give their audience a real connection to the brand – besides the physical product experience.

    Pop question: Instagram Stories Ads just launched. Comments?

    ”About time that kind of format was launched”, Mikael says with a smile on his face.

    Combining paid and organic content

    “On Facebook, we always have some kind of budget for boosting the posts. And if engagement is really high on a post, we increase the budget significantly”, Mikael says. He also adds that the ultimate goal for all their paid advertising is reach – since becoming top of mind is the action relevant for them as an impulse product brand.

    Mikael also tells us that Cloetta has stopped with TV commercials since 3 years back. “We have a trial-and-error way of thinking, which makes it impossible to be stuck in old structures and inefficient marketing plans.” 

    Take the right, take Cloetta! Or simply tag det rätta, tag Cloetta.