Curious in Messenger Ads, available through Facebook Ads? We wrote some ideas on how to use this format to reach new and existing customers efficiently. But first, we’re gonna walk you through what Messenger Ads actually is.

    messenger ads facebookMessenger, is just like Facebook News Feed, Instagram Feed, Instagram Stories and Audience Network, a placement in Facebook Ads. It’s included if you’re choosing Automatic Placements. But, Messenger is also a destination – as a substitute to sending your visitors to your website or app. It’s easy to confuse these with each other when talking about Messenger Ads – since they could refer to both.

    Messenger as a destination from an Ad

    When you choose Messenger as a destination, a chat between your page and the user will open – which is why it’s a great way to start conversion with your existing or potential customers. It’s up to your imagination to come up with what you can do.

    When the user opens a conversion with your page (through an Ad), you can specify a static or dynamic message to send. You can either create this message through “quick creation” in Ads Manager – or use JSON.

    In the message, you can have both text, an image and a button with an offsite destination (your website).

    Go to our white papers to find more inspiration about this.

    Prospecting with Messenger Ads

    Since Messenger is automatically selected as a placement when you’re creating a new Ad Set – you don’t have to do anything special to activate it. Although, what you can do is create a more immersive experience with the combination of Messenger both as a placement and destination.

    If you’re curious on how to your product feed to prospect new customers with Messenger Ads, read our articles about using broad audiences in combination with Dynamic Ads.

    Retargeting and DPA with Messenger Ads

    Just like when prospecting, you can show Dynamic Ads (DPA) when retargeting your existing customers – or advertising towards users who’ve visited your website without converting. You don’t have to do anything special to activate this, simply choose Automatic Placements to activate it.