A feature which allows companies to run their ads smoothly between user stories.

    Instagram Stories was brought out to the masses in August 2016 – and sure, the similarities to Snapchats main feature are striking. On a daily basis 150 million users sweep through their friends stories. Stories in the form of images or videos that will vanish 24 hours after being published.

    The ads will be neatly placed in between stories, so no mid-viewing disruption for the viewer. Another plus is that the ads will be shown in full screen which gives your ad maximum exposure.

    For marketers experienced in handling and setting up ads on Facebook and Instagram, this should be pretty much the same deal – except for some minor differences.

    Stories ads are sold on cost-per-1000-impressions basis and are priced via auction, basically the same as before. But unlike video ads on Facebook, the viewing length doesn’t matter. Here all impressions are counted as a view.  At first you were not able to click through to a website or to the company profile, but this has now changed. From now on you can use this ad format for video views, conversions, app installs and traffic as well as reach 😀

    Also you can use the same targeting and measurement tools as you can with ”normal” Facebook and Instagram ads.

    So what format to use?

    – The ads can be either Images or Videos.

    – 9;16 or taller with a minimum of 600 pixels in width to be compatible with the format.

    – Video length: max. 15 sec

    Basically from my point of view this is an Ad format that is used in a manner which is similar to a shorter version of a TV commercial or a glossy magazine spread. You have all the possibilities to tell the story you want – to a cheaper cost. 

    Don´t hesitate, this is an amazing and powerful placement. Get on it NOW!