CTO & co-founder
    Ante-StandingIt all started when Ante and a few friends of his got the idea to start a sport site in Greece. Even though he’s born and raised in Sweden he have always followed Greek football. Therefor it became the market of choice. The only problem was; no one knew how to code. This was before Kickstarter got big, so with zero funds the idea of hiring a developer was out of the question. “Someone had to do it, so I thought sure, I can do it”, he explained.

    “Someone had to learn how to code, so I thought; sure, I can do it”

    The site got quite popular and Ante found his passion in life. “I were mesmerized with the infinitive possibilities that developing skills brings. I felt super smart, like I could accomplish whatever I wanted just because I finally was able to code”, he said. This opened a door to a whole new world which led to him applying for Software engineering at Chalmers University, Sweden’s finest tech-university.

    After a few part-time gigs aside the studies he worked at several big companies. One of those were Ericsson, and even though he liked the place, it didn’t felt like he belonged in a big corporation. “I started to look for start-ups, and got myself a job as a software engineer at ‘Let’s deal’ (the Swedish counterpart to Groupon) where I met Albin and Nathanael (two of Zalster’s Co-Founders). I have always wanted to be a part of building a company, but I couldn’t imagine it happening so soon!”

    What can you tell us about your job at Zalster?

    “Basically I do standard CTO-stuff”, he laughs.  He follows all the latest trends in software engineering in order to assure that Zalster’s technology always stays on top. Ante is also in charge of recruitment for the tech-department. “The most important part of my job right now is setting the best crew possible together”, he says.

    Ante appreciates working in the startup world. “The organization is so flexible and the corporate culture offers more than just work, we’re somewhere between a community and a family”.

    What are your hobbies?

    ”The TLDR-version goes; Sports”, se states and continues; “I watch mostly football (real football, where you play with a round ball), but actually I’m more of a basketball more.  My favorite team is Panathinaikos in both sports”.

    Sports aside he spends a lot of time with family and friends and tries to visit his Greek parents as often as possible to enjoy the Greek food they provide.

    Where do you get your inspiration?

    Ante is most inspired by Facebook’s journey. “Facebook has gone from a project between a few students to a part of the digital infrastructure in a matter of a few years.” he states. “The same goes for the Swedish company Spotify. They started with an idea and have now changed the way the whole world looks at the music industry”.

    Besides these two innovation companies Let’s deal’s founders Alexander Hars and Lars Karlsson inspires him. “They are so dedicated to their cause and they have always been supportive towards their employees to follow their dreams and believe in their ideas. I think that’s where I got the guts to jump of the cliff and start Zalster”, he says.

    What would you work with if you had to change career?

    “I would love to work with astronomy. I don’t know much about the physics behind it, but it has always been a great interest. I think exploring the universe will lead to a greater understanding about us (and other civilizations). The universe is too big to only look at our own small planet.

    And yeah, I’m a believer – of course we’re not alone.”

    Tell us something we don’t know about you!

    He thinks for a while, then he shouts out “my shisha for god sake!” He has a tremendous passion for shisha. “I almost can’t think without it”, he says. “It’s not the smoking that intrigues me, it’s the social aspect of sitting down with friends and just talk around the shisha”.