Full Stack Developer

    “I’ve been working full-time as a developer since 2004, but I’ve probably been coding in one way or another since I was eleven or twelve.” He got his first computer when he turned ten. His first “program” was a batch-file (.bat for those who remember) that listed all his installed games and then waited for a number input, which then started the selected game. This was back in MSDOS, where you otherwise had to navigate to the game folder and launch it from there (often with various command-line options to get things as sound card drivers to work). “I then started dreaming of becoming a game developer, but growing up I realized that I actually preferred playing games over making them, and use code to solve real-life problems”, he explains.

    What can you tell us about your job at Zalster?

    “To me, being a Full Stack Developer means that every task is different – from polishing the front-end UX-design to redesigning databases or tweaking server performance” Fredrik is a great resource here at Zalster – a true problem solver who does a little bit of everything! Fredrik have really been put to the test during the start-up phase. A lot of different unsuspected problems have occurred, but none too big for him. “It’s all a matter of creativity in a structured way”, he explains.

    What are your hobbies?

    Fredrik Grääs FotoFredrik spends a lot of time outdoors with his family. For relaxation he enjoys photography and gaming. “It takes my mind of anything code-related”, he says. The combination of family, nature and photography has also created a passion for travel – preferably New Zealand If you ask him.

    “Both my wife and I fell in love with New Zealand after spending a couple of months driving around in a camper van”

    We can’t blame him, it’s a great place for both nature and photography. Maybe a good candidate for a new Zalster office?

    Where do you get your inspiration?

    “I get inspired by people who’re really passionate about something, never stop chasing their dreams and somehow still manage to maintain the work/life-balance!” As Fredrik says, it can be a tough task to balance work with the rest of one’s life. Still he manages to exceed at Zalster and take care of his daughter and interests at home.

    What would you work with if you had to change career?

    “Easy! I would be a travel photographer/filmmaker/writer!”, he laughs. “There’s something about the “digital nomad” lifestyle that really fascinates me”, he continues. This line of work would go with one of his many dreams in life, to have one of his photos on the cover of National Geographic.

    Tell us something we don’t know about you!

    “Despite being as far away from home as possible, without actually being on the way back home again (and still being on the same planet) – I’ve never felt as much at home as when living in a camper van in New Zealand and waking up to amazing nature experiences every day.”