Let’s play with the thought that you’re running a video ad campaign on Facebook. So, what metrics can actually tell you how it’s doing? I mean, even if you see metrics such as clicks and post interactions – that’s not the whole truth. Video is, after all, a format that is digested without necessary interaction.

    Facebook teamed up with Nielsen in order to determine the value of video ads on Facebook.

    Check it out…

    In Ads Manager, you can add these three metrics when customizing your report columns:

    • Estimated Advert Recall Lift (eARL)
      So, this is what Facebook says, “the additional number of people we estimate will remember seeing your ads if asked within 2 days.” A pretty interesting metric, right?
    • Estimated Advert Recall Lift Rate (eARLR)
      This is simply eARL divided by the reach (number of unique persons reached).
    • Cost per Advert Recall Lift (CPeARL)
      Cost per eARL.

    So, these metrics are fantastic for brand marketers, since they can measure effectiveness in brand recall between different ad messages towards various audiences.

    So, this raises a big question: How is eARL calculated?

    Well, the research found a pretty obvious connection between ad recall and how many seconds you watched the video. If you take a look at the graph and read the legend, you’ll understand the connection.

    So, now you know what this metric (eARL) is. You may, of course, do whatever with this information. I haven’t decided if this metric is practically useful in any way yet. I’ll come back to you in a later blog post with some practical conclusions and cases where we’ve actually used this to optimize an advertiser’s campaign results.