Overlays is a feature in Facebook Ads, making it possible to add relevant information to each product in a dynamic ad.

    The available settings for products overlay are:

    • Price
      Which also enables you to show a discounted pricing (in the form of a strikethrough or a percentage off).
    • Position
      Where the overlay should be displayed, in the image.
    • Shape
      How you want it to look: In the form of a triangle, rectangle or circle.
    • Font
      Choose between various fonts.
    • Color
      What color you want the overlay to have.

    How to get started with Dynamic Product Ads with overlays

    1. Create a Dynamic Ad
    2. Visit “Show More Catalog Information
    3. Check the box “Add an overlay to images
    4. Choose how you want the price to be shown.
    5. Customize the appearance of the overlays.