In this article, we’ll cover the most essential parts of having successful Facebook and Instagram campaigns during the holidays. Singles Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas are all part of the high season for online retailers, which is why you as a performance marketer at an E-commerce need to have everything under control.

    Don’t worry. We got you covered.

    We’re covering these highly relevant areas, in order to have your strategy for the festive season secured:

    1. Ad Creatives
    2. Target Audience
    3. Optimization

    Let’s get started!

    🎨 Ad Creatives

    No matter the discounts, no matter the quality of the products, no matter the conversion optimized shopping cart – if you don’t have good ad creatives, people won’t engage with your ads and you’ll have trouble finding cost-efficiency in your campaigns.

    Let’s start out with having a look at some inspiration for ad creatives.

    Inspiration: Maurten

    Either, you have fantastic raw material – like the Swedish sports drink Maurten who’ve invested a lot in their video creatives.

    This makes ad creation easy, since you don’t have to do magic with it to get great engagement. They simply added a short tagline and their logo at the end – and that’s it.

    Key take away: Try to use existing video creatives for Instagram Stories by cropping it to a vertical video (1080 x 1920).

    Try not to have too much text in your Instagram Story Ad, since it can disturb the visual experience. If you don’t have good videos to use as an Instagram Story Ad, try to create a good experience anyway. This can be done by using any of the apps we’re recommending later on in this article.

    Placement: Instagram Story Ads.

    Inspiration: Stronger

    Collection AdThe workout wear brand Stronger connected a product feed to their Facebook Business Manager, in order to dynamically show relevant products in prospecting and retargeting ads.

    This specific mobile Facebook placement enables the advertiser to use a static header image/video and then use the product feed to show a selected number of products below.

    Key take away: If you have a product feed, you should definitely connect it to your Business Manager in order to create dynamic ads of various kinds – one of them being a Collection Ad.

    Placement: Facebook Collection Ad


    Apps to simplify the creation process

    There are some apps for Mac and iOS/Android that we highly recommend to make images or videos pop even more. Remember, the goal is to create thumb-stopping ads in order to increase engagement and therefore increase performance.

    First of all; there’s an app called Legend (free iOS app). It gives you animated filters in the form of text. See this example we did in an Instagram post.

    Secondly, there’s another app called Spark Post which enables placement-focused exports of creatives. This means that you can customize your images and videos to the Facebook formats; Instagram Story, Instagram post and Facebook post.

    For the advanced, there’s a super flexible tool for videos called Cinemagraph by Flixel ($199/y, Mac & iOS app). The cool thing with Cinemagraph is that you easily can choose what part of a video should be moving – and what part that should be static. Have a look at this “video” below, as an example. (Shouldn’t the teacup be full by now?)

    Dynamic Ads (with a twist!)

    Our recommendations is that you also experiment with making your dynamic ads more engaging, to see what happens with performance.

    Ad with price overlay

    Ad with price overlay

    Some ideas on what you should do:

    Add an image or video as the first “card” in a carousel with dynamic product images.

    If you’re running a Product Catalogue Sales campaign with carousel as format, you can simply check a box in the ad creation process, where you can add a static image or a video as the first “card”. This could help make the dynamic ad a little more engaging, especially if your product images aren’t that visually attractive.

    Add an overlay to product images

    To highlight the price or discount of a product, try product overlays in Facebook Ads to make the images pop a little more.

    Highly engaging placements to try out (if you already haven’t)

    • Instagram Stories Ads
    • Canvas Ads
    • Collection Ads

    🎯 Targeting Audience

    In this part, we’re highlighting some best practices when it comes to targeting. Make sure you’re trying out a couple of targeting settings – to see what works for you.

    Remember there are no right or wrong, you have to see what works in every individual case.

    Engaged Shoppers

    This is a behavioural targeting which enables you to target people who’ve clicked on a “Shop now” button on any Facebook ad in the past week. Simply type “Engaged shoppers” in the “Interests” input field when creating an Ad Set and you’ll find it.

    People who’ve engaged with your content

    In Audiences and the creation of Custom Audiences, you can create an audience from people who’ve engaged with your Instagram and/or Facebook page. (How to)

    Lookalike Audiences 

    You have to try this if you already haven’t. It’s a great way to find people similar to your current customers, so that you don’t have to guess what interest targeting to do in order to find new customers. (How to)

    🚀 Optimization

    There’s a lot of ways to optimize your Facebook campaigns and our motto is that you have try different strategies to see what works best for you. In this section, we’re highlighting some best practices we see works for other E-commerce companies.

    Have a proper optimization goal

    As an E-commerce, your goal is probably purchases. And if your Facebook pixel is properly installed, this is something you can optimize towards (which you probably already are).

    Although, to have proper optimization – you need at around 15 – 25 conversions on each Ad Set per day. If you are below this in volume, you should try optimizing towards an earlier step in the sales funnel – such as Add to Cart (where you probably have a lot higher volume).

    If you’re unsure on what optimization goal to have, create a split test and see what gives you the best results. (How to)

    Audience Insights

    As we’ve already touched upon, having a relevant and high-performing targeting audience is crucial for getting good delivery. Using Facebook Audience Insights might gain you new information about your current customers.

    Try uploading a list of your best customers and learn what demographics, behaviours and interests they have.

    🏆 Happy advertising!

    With these recommendations, we hope you’ll gain a new level of performance during the festive season.

    Good luck & happy advertising!