Today, we’re looking at the new feature “Reach and Frequency campaigns”. This feature is now rolled out to all ad accounts on Facebook, accessible both through Ads Manager and Power Editor.

    “Pay a fixed price to predictably reach your brand’s audience”

    4 highlights of this feature

    • Predictably reach your chosen audience
      Assures you of the delivery you want.
    • Control the number times your audience sees your ads, and in which order
      Perfect for brand story-telling of any kind.
    • Plan ahead – buy campaigns of up to 90 days, 6 months in advance
      A pretty old-school way of doing marketing, but if you like it – you’ve got it!
    • Run your ads at specific times of day using scheduling
      Even if Facebook is very good at pacing and optimizing the delivery of your ad, you might have a campaign not at all suitable to have active during certain hours of the day.

    Get started (in Ads Manager)

    1. Click: Create campaign
    2. Click: Reach and Frequency
    3. Click: Conversion
    4. Type a name of your campaign and hit Continue
    5. Specify audience, placement and schedule.
    6. Create ads, just like usual.

    reach-freqAs you specify audience, placement and schedule, you’ll see a graph on your right-hand side showing you the predicted result in terms of reach and spend per day along with some other metrics. Be sure that you understand and agree to the results you’re going to get (since the whole idea with this campaign type is that you know the results you’re going to get).

    Think about this

    • Include all placements in order to get a higher reach, but also in order to find lower CPMs
    • The minimum reach is 200,000 people
    • You can only target 1 country per campaign.

    Good luck! 🙂

    If you encounter any problem with this feature, visit this troubleshooting guide.