Time to make your workday even easier – with our Slack bot.

    If our Slack bot, you’ll be able to execute various powerful commands in order to automate the process of managing, analyzing and optimizing your Campaigns in Facebook Ads. The Slack bot is easily integrated with your Slack team through a couple of link clicks – then it’s done. The Slack bot will be visible as a user which is always online in your Slack team. You can also choose to invite the bot to Slack channels of your choice.

    So, what can you do with this Slack bot for Facebook Ads?

    • Get reports and insights for your Facebook Campaigns, Ad Sets and Ads.
    • Get recommendations such as Split Tests to try, Ad Creative to add and Audiences to expand your targeting with.
    • Get predictions on results, such as conversions, clicks, impressions, reach and other relevant metrics.
    • Easily handle rules, miscellaneous settings, and Zalster automations/optimizations.

    This feature is available for all our users. If you’re not a user today – join now!