So, this is one of the best Facebook ads I’ve ever seen. Simple, but yet so great.

    Of course, I recorded the ad experience so that I could show you.

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    Why do we love this ad? Let’s break it down:

    • Fantastic copy
      “Morality is a grey area. Find your guilty pleasure on Netflix today”.
    • The usage of “Meet X”
      A simple, yet genius theme in the copy.
    • “Guilty pleasure”
      A theme that goes through each of the series (Better Call Saul, House of Cards, Narcos, Orange is the new black).
    • Geo specific subtitles in the video clips
      I’m a swede and the subtitles you see is also Swedish.

    What could have made it even better?

    • Skip the double blankspace after “area.”
    • Larger subtitles (suited for a mobile view).
    • Skip the last word “today” in the copy. The word “today” tends to be to pushy. Netflix can afford skipping this pushiness.
    • On the last carousel ad, change “Watch anytime, anywhere” to something less genetic. Everybody knows Netflix is possible to use anytime and anywhere, since it’s connected to through the great Internet.

    Great job Netflix!

    Oh, hey – it’s friday afternoon! Time to watch my favorite series Brooklyn Nine-Nine (on Netflix of course).