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Enable Automated Optimization

By utilizing our platform, you eliminate manual tasks that our comprehensive AI-based algorithms can do better - such as optimize bids, budgets, targeting and ad creatives.

Advanced Algorithms - Easily Enabled


We make sure the best performing ads for the moment is shown to the relevant audience. You can also easily test to see what images, videos and copy performs the best.


We ensure that you don’t miss out on any high performing audience or targeting - giving you the most out of your marketing investment.


Predictive Budget Optimization ensures that you always spend your ad dollars in line with your KPI:s. No more need for manual calculations.


We keep your Bids Optimized according to the goals of your business, ensuring that you always bid the right value.

Real Time Dashboard

Customize with widgets that you care about. A quick and powerful way to visualize the status of your Facebook Advertising.

Split Tests

Use Split Tests to verify your Bids, Conversion Goals and Billing Events. Automatic winner picking and userful results visualizations.

Slack Bot

Get notified on important events regarding your Ads directly to a Slack channel of your choice. Create custom notifications and manage Ads, Ad Sets and Campaigns.

Pricing & Payment

We adapt an elastic pricing model, in order to give you full control over your costs. The percentage-based fee is debited on a monthly basis. All payments via credit or debit card are handled by Stripe.
Payments via invoice may be acceptable upon request.


on Facebook Ad Spend


Minimum monthly fee

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