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Albin Stööp

Chief Executive Officer

My business card might say I'm a CEO, but essentially I'm a nerd - obsessed with marketing. And I believe that, in the world of marketing, the power of data is way more powerful than anything else. I created my first Facebook campaign in 2008 and it's been my favorite marketing channel ever since.

Antonios Kioksoglou

Chief Technical Officer

I have a genuine passion for problem solving, and I think that is reflected in everything I do - including my coding. My friends describe me as a social person with much love for my colleagues, family and friends. I thrive when I'm surrounded by people that I care for. Also, I get to do what I love as a full time job and that brings me huge motivation. Coder by day, basketball fan by night - can you guess my favorite team?

Nathanael Andersson

Chief Product Officer

I am the bridge between the development of new features and the new ideas that makes Zalster truly unique. When I'm not using Sketch, I love an occasional trek to the mountains or playing my Taylor 114e guitar!

Fredrik Grääs

Product Manager

Father, husband, self-taught full-stack (web)developer, photographer, gamer and entrepreneur who has written code for a living since 2004. I take a ridiculous amount of photos, probably spend too much time playing video games, and dream about traveling the world with my family and camera.

Lisa Jansson

Client Success Manager

As Customer Success Manager at Zalster I do my utter best to help our customers exceed their expectations. I am driven by numbers and engaging content. When I am not working on analyzing and optimizing campaigns I clear my head painting or on the back of a horse.

Johan Svärd

Chief Commercial Officer Click my picture to send me an email!

I would describe myself as a travelling salesman with a big passion for people. I’ve been working in the adtech industry with international sales for more than four years and love the rapid changes within the industry. I am a big football fan and amateur golfer who loves to travel and explore the world. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need advice on how to make more money.

Pontus Nordh

Back End Developer

Malin Staf

Sales Manager

Emma Janerfeldt

Client Success Manager

Stefan Johanson

Client Success Manager

Anton Johansson

Client Success Manager / Graphics Designer

Emma Kinnås

Sales Manager

Johan Elmqvist

Growth Manager

Patricia Scheller

Client Success Manager

Aleksandr Zhylinskiy

Full Stack Developer

Alexander Hars


Alexander Hars is Chairman of the board of Zalster and our first investor. He likes riding longboards and enjoying a nice cup of coffee at da Matteo.

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