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Simplify your workflow between Facebook and Google Ads

We help e-coms analyze and redistribute budgets by offering one common tool for Google and Facebook ads.
2020 will be the year when we launch the feature that solves the never ending puzzle of reporting, analyzing and allocating budgets from and between different marketing channels.
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So how does it work?

  • 1. Connect your Facebook Ads and Google Ads account to Zalster

    This is done in just a few clicks by connecting a Facebook and a Google account that manages ads for your business in the Zalster platform.

  • 2. Get a split view with your performance data from both channels

    You will be presented data from both channels, side by side, in one common interface. This can be viewed in real-time at any time. You can easily see and compare budgets, amount spent, results, CPAs, ROAS and more in both total numbers and by viewing the side by side graph. Select a desired time period, customize the attribution window per channel and select a desired metric to compare for each channel. You may also exclude campaigns from either channel, e.g. dynamic retargeting in Facebook or brand search in Google, if you know that it tends to bias the data in the specific case of your business.

  • 3. Optimize and redistribute budget with a few clicks ✨

    At any time, you can optimize the budgets on each channel and campaign with just a few clicks. After an overview of performance, you can easily move budget between channels by clicking a button launching a comprehensive budget re-distribution modal. Select a desired channel percentage, after having analyzed which channel has performed better and therefor is eligible for a budget increase. The new budget will automatically be distributed proportionally/relatively for each campaign under each channel. Our software does the time-consuming work of making the actual changes in each campaign in Facebook Ads and Google Ads so you won't have to.