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We paired the struggles of a marketer with artificial intelligence to create the most comprehensive Slack bot and web-based platform for fully utilizing the power of Facebook Ads.

You don’t have time - we know that.

We’re here to make Facebook Ads a relief and help you scale with intelligence. Our automations and optimizations saves you time and gives you the opportunity to be proactive and strategic. Goodbye, human error. Hello, Zalster!

Cutting-edge features

We’re always improving our platform and bot with new features. Our world-class engineering team constantly iterates upon the latest functionality in Facebook Ads and Slack - to provide you with the very best.


Included functionality



per Ad Account


5% of Ad Spend

Monthly minimum charge: $595

Easy Reporting in Slack

Intelligent Predictions

Smart Recommendations

Customizable Dashboard

Automated Optimizations

24/7 Support

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

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A platform you don’t have to learn.

Our intuitive platform doesn’t require any installation or training. To be frank, our users don’t spend that much time in our platform - since they’ve automated most of their workload with our automated optimizations based on artificial intelligence.

Growth is hiding in your campaigns. Unleash it with Zalster.