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Use our agile platform for optimizing and automating Facebook Ads. Get started or hire us to take care of everything. Either way, we’re here for you.

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Cherry Picked Features

Intelligent Optimization

Automate your Facebook Ads Campaigns utilizing our Algorithm Engine powered by AI. Zalster features a suite of Intelligent Optimization Tools to minimize the time consuming task of manual optimization and to find those sweet spots with always-on optimization.

Real-Time Dashboard

Customize your own real-time Dashboard to get an instant performance overview of everything you care about. Get AI-calculated predictions and eye-opening insights at a glance.

Zalster Slack Integration
Slack Integration

Get important insights and statuses about your Facebook Campaigns and Optimizations directly to a Slack Channel of your choice. Administrate simply with commands in Slack. Create your own custom notifications.

When Zalster manage our Facebook Ads, they make it twice as good and ten times faster. Invaluable when your back log is longer than a kid's wish list for Santa.
We truly recommend Zalster.


24/7 Support

Zalster Platform

Automation and Optimization.

  • Self-Serve

    Gives you full control over your Facebook Ads Campaigns across all of your Ad Accounts and minimizes the time consuming task of manual optimization.

  • AI

    Use our sofisticated AI-powered algorithms to automatically optimize your Campaigns.

  • Real-time Visualization

    Visualize insights from your Facebook Ads account in real time to easily find sweet spots, identify what brings you closer to your goals and cut campaigns that is not working.

Zalster Managed

Let us take care of everything.

  • Fully Managed Service including:

    • Planning
    • Campaign Setup
    • Optimization
    • Reporting

  • Data driven Optimization

    We give you all the power of our proprietary algorithms, using our platform to meet and exceed your goals.

  • Give us a shot

    We want you to be fully confident in us. Therefore we encourage you to give us a testing budget to try us out before you commit.


Our Focus at Zalster.

Zalster was founded with the vision to maximize return of marketing investment through algorithms partially made by artificial intelligence. Our main focus is currently optimizing Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads is an extremely powerful marketing platform for finding the sweet spots of ROI. But who has the time to optimize every spent dollar, every minute of every day - on all Campaigns, Ad Sets and Ads? Our comprehensive optimization engine and its algorithms is made to your maximize ROI.

Zalster optimized our Facebook Ads, helping us to reach a top spot in the Health & Fitness category in the Swedish App Store.



Your own personalized

It’s a joy working with Zalster. Their experience in marketing ROI for Facebook and Instagram has helped us a great deal.



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