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Powerful Facebook Ads Automation

We are your intelligent partner for automating and optimizing Facebook & Instagram Ads. Use our simple, but powerful platform and get strategic help from our 24/7 support.


"When Zalster manage our Facebook Ads, they make it twice as good and ten times faster. Invaluable when your back log is longer than a kid's wish list for Santa.
We truly recommend Zalster."

Smarter decisions with less time spent

By utilizing our platform, you eliminate manual tasks that our comprehensive AI-based algorithms can do better - such as optimize bids, budgets, targeting and ad creatives. Also, our dynamic dashboard helps you get a better and quicker understanding of your performance.

Slack integrated

We want to be where you are - which is Slack. By using our Slack bot, you can get important insights and reports about your Facebook Ads campaigns. You are also able to create your own custom notifications. We’re all about saving time and increasing marketing intelligence.

Optimizing Facebook Ads... It's just as easy as flipping a switch!

Ready to get started?

Start trial or schedule a demo.

This is Zalster

Zalster was founded by advertisers with the vision to maximize return of marketing investments by utilizing artificial intelligence for automation and optimization. Our main focus is currently Facebook Ads (including marketing channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp).

Our goal is also to have the best customer success team, ready to give strategic and technical support 24/7. We strive to educate our customers by providing the latest functionalities and updates, along with news and best-practices from the world of online marketing.