The ”Accounting Autopilot Software” Wint teamed up with us to acquire relevant B2B leads. We managed to deliver satisfying CPAs and create a ”tap” of flexible volume, depending on how much their sales team could handle.



Their goal

Wint’s goal when contacting us were to see if Facebook could be a cost-efficient channel for acquiring leads (B2B).

Our solution

Our best practices in qualitative lead generation were combined with our fully automated process of creating and optimizing campaigns, audiences and ad creatives.

By using our Split Testing feature, we experimented with which bid is most optimal, given the goal to get as many conversions as possible, with as high volume as possible.

Using Budget Allocation enabled to automate the process of testing which audiences resulted in the lowest CPA, by using our comprehensive statistical models.

By using our feature Adaptive Creative Rotation, we enabled the possibility to automatically test various ad creatives and allocate volume to the ones performing the best for every given moment.

The success

The combination of adaptive algorithms and our knowledge in building razor sharp audiences once again proves to be successful.

"When Zalster manage our Facebook Ads, they make it twice as good and ten times faster. Invaluable when your back log is longer than a kid's wish list for Santa. We truly recommend Zalster."