Slack Bot

Meet your new Facebook Ads companion.

How to get started in 2 minutes

  1. Login with Facebook Connect to our platform
  2. Go through our simple setup wizard (takes 1 minute)
  3. Go to the Slack settings page and hit Add to Slack

Examples of smart notifications

Zalster APP 7:00 PM I’m predicting you will beat your weekly goal of  500  purchases with  21% ! Estimated outcome:  605  conversions.
Zalster APP 7:00 PM I think you should start a bid split test for your Ad Set ’Email List Lookalikes - West Coast’. It might give you even better results.

Make your days more agile - with our Slack Bot for Facebook Ads.

We know you’re advertising with Facebook Ads - and we know you’re using Slack. That’s why we created the Zalster Slack Bot, which enables you to execute various tasks, get reports and predictions about your Campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.
  • Intelligent Predictions
  • Quick Reports
  • Smart Recommendations
Try it 14 days for free - along with our platform for Facebook Ads Automation.
Examples of commands
  •  overview  - gives you a customized report of your performance for a specified time period (e.g. yesterday or last 7 days) and your preferred attribution window.
  •  predict ______  - will give you the predicted number of actions or amount for today. It could be everything from spend and clicks to conversions and impressions.
  •  pixel  - generates a graphic snapshot of all pixel events for the last 24 hours.
  •  accounts  - gives you a list of all your connected Ad Accounts in various Business Managers. Simply click an Ad Account to switch to it.