Marketing automation tool to make your advertising

way smoother
a lot easier
more profitable
more effective

Leave the guessing game. Become a better marketer with automations and machine learning.


Facebook Ads Automation

Increase your results, not your workload. Our machine learning algorithms will manage budgets and bids in your Facebook and Instagram campaigns.


Auto Boost Post

Leave time consuming post evaluation to our automations and lean back while your best organic Facebook content gets boosted.

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Why our users love us

  • Do less, achieve more

    Automation. now you can focus on more important tasks.

  • bar_chart_increasing_euro

    Machine learning ftw

    Humans rarely beats powerful algorithms.

  • Our support team = your pals

    We're all humans, be kind and we'll be kinder back.

  • Data driven, period

    The guessing game is for losers. you know it is.

FAQ :)

  • How does the trial work?

    When you've signed up (no credit card required), you'll enter a free version of our platform. Here you can select what tools you want to start trials for. A couple of days before the trial runs out, you'll get an email where you have the option to continue with the tool.
  • Can I try your tools for free?

    Yes you can (Obama voice). Simply sign up (no credit card required) and you'll get access to a free version of the platform (called "visual reports") but you can also browse the other tools and have a look for yourself.
    When you decide to try one of our paid tools, simply start a trial and you're good to go. if you like what you see (get), then add a payment before the trial ends.
  • Can I cancel at any time?

    Yep :)
  • How many users are included?

    As many as you like! everyone with access to your facebook business manager automatically gets access to zalster (once you've signed up).
  • Do you have a cool company video?

    Well I'd be biased in answering but yeah we do. 
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"Let's set our wifi password to 2444666668888888 so when someone asks what the password is, tell them it's 12345678."

- Said a genius at the Zalster office some day