How iOS 14 & ITP will affect your business

If you're an advertiser - here's how Apple's iOS 14 and ITP will affect you:
1️⃣ Significant revenue loss 2️⃣ Most tracking will be lost3️⃣ Experience big targeting issues
According to Facebook, adopting the Conversions API is the single most valuable action advertisers can take.


The current situation for advertisers

Today, people have infinite choices but value highly personalized experiences. These personalized experiences are powered by data. Thanks to data you can reach people with the right message, at the right time in their journey. That's about to change.


What has changed?

Apple’s coming iOS update is expected to require all apps to implement its AppTrackingTransparency framework (ATT). This affects apps’ ability to receive conversion data from iOS users, as Apple’s ATT framework limits the information that can be exchanged with third parties such as Facebook.
These changes will most likely result in significant issues with targeting and tracking, which directly affects the ROAS.

What are the effects?

A casualty of this is the Facebook Pixel - which starting from now, will not be a robust option for tracking signals and events from your website and sales

Although Facebook is mitigating the signal loss as best as possible, this will undoubtedly have effects on overall optimization as Facebook will need to lean on proxies over true signals in many cases

Not adapting to browser changes will probably lead to significantly higher acquisition costs

Targeting, optimization, and the measurement of ads will all be affected


How to overcome the tracking limitations? 

The Conversions API is the most important tool available today, to help you continue to make data-driven advertising decisions in this changing landscape.


How will the Conversions API help?

The Conversions API (CAP) is the best current solution for advertisers who want to continue advertising on Facebook and Instagram effectively.
✅ Track majority of events and maximize targeting precision possibilities✅ Survive signal loss in iOS, Safari, and other browsers while thriving in the cookie-free future✅ Get ahead of the competition who hasn’t prepared for the tracking restrictions✅ CAP will most likely be required in order to access new Ads Manager functionality in the coming future


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Facebook’s Conversions API is an important tool to keep tracking Facebook and Instagram events.
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