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"zalster has actively helped us with both strategic campaign work and real time optimizing through their algorithms. so far we’re seeing great impact and our collaboration aligns perfectly with our marketing strategy. I can totally recommend zalster as a partner, they’re very professional, service minded and their optimization tool is genius."

Michael Meier


"with zalster we’ve gotten smart insights and tips on how to work in a more seamless way with Facebook ads. we’re saving loads of time with the optimization tools and the support from our point of contact, Patricia,
has been great!"

Martina Enebrand

Online marketing Manager at HOMEROOM

"we no longer do all the manual work as we did before, the algorithms do it for us - updates settings and select what ads to run at what time. I know what ads to run and what works in a completely new way. it’s also very nice to have someone to throw ideas with and who feedbacks on my questions regarding optimizing and algorithms."

Marlene Broman

Making dreams come true at DREAMS

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some users wanted to say nice things on video :)

STRONGER, global e-commercebid and budget automation

"we're moving forward at a fast pace and therefor we needed to find an easy to use solution that could help us scale"

WINT, localized SaaSEmma, the Slack bot

"one of my favorite functions is the slack bot which gives us useful ideas and optimization tips directly in our slack channel"

COLLECTOR BANK, Nordic fin-techbid and budget automation

"the best thing about zalster is that it's data driven and when we're not able to make the necessary adjustments the tool makes them for us"

"water is a beverage whose flavor is its temperature."

- stefan, growth manager at zalster (and obviously a genius)