Lyko's collaboration with Zalster gets 10 out of 10

Initially, Lyko wasn't actively seeking a paid social collaboration partner, but when the two companies’ paths crossed one day in 2017, it turned out to be a perfect match. The Lyko team quickly became interested (and impressed!) with Zalster's expertise, especially their optimization tools, which had features that weren't even available with Meta themselves.

– I can't say that we were actively looking for a partner, says David Olsson, who has been working at Lyko for twelve years and recalls the first contact with Zalster.  

– But we quickly seized their offer and felt great about the Zalster team.
Initially, Zalster helped Lyko optimize their ads based on budget allocation. David Olsson explains that Zalster provided them with an ad rotation they hadn't had before. The collaboration has since evolved to involve strategizing, campaign management, and ongoing technical support from Zalster.
– Zalster has always been, and still is, the link between Meta and us. They have a great collaboration, which feels secure and stable, making our advertising smoother. In addition, their technical expertise is invaluable – if anything goes wrong, their helping hand is always there. They possess extensive technical competence, particularly in tracking and pixels, says David Olsson.
David has weekly, or almost daily, contact with Zalster's team to keep their ads updated and optimized to the best extent possible. He highly values their accessibility and expertise.
– Everyone at Lyko agrees that meetings with Zalster are our favorite meetings. We can tell that they are genuinely interested in our company and that they genuinely care. Over these years, we have developed great chemistry, and I believe it's because they are both fun and easygoing while being focused and serious. They truly understand our business. The collaboration is a perfect 10 out of 10, says David Olsson.
However, it's not just a fruitful collaboration that has resulted from working with Zalster, but also impressive results. David explains that since Zalster came on board, their ads have delivered on a whole new level.
– Considering our longstanding partnership of seven years, it isn't easy to compare it to how it was before. A lot has happened in the advertising arena since 2017. But I can guarantee it would have been different if we had continued without Zalster, and not for the better. Since they entered the picture early on, we have learned much from them and look forward to continued collaboration, he concludes.