Agency Services for Pinterest Ads

Our team of Pinterest experts will make you remember how it was running Facebook Ads in 2015, except results are reliable and relevant traffic is cheap. Don’t believe it, experience it.

Higher AOV

40%  Pinners had 40% largerbasket size than others

Find potential customers

98%  Report trying on new thingsand testing new brandsusing Pinterest

Brand opportunity

97%  Of searches on Pinterestare unbranded

Just setting up or looking to scale?

This is why you want us to run your Pinterest Ads

As Nordic Pinterest Ads pioneers we’re working with some of the most successful businesses on Pinterest. Our team of Pinterest experts works closely with Pinterest representatives, sharing insights and best practices to keep our clients at optimal performance.


How Zalster will make Pinterest work for you

With individual account recommendations on keywords, audiences, and feedback on campaign structure - your client success manager will tailor Pinterest to work for you according to your business goals. All recommendations come from best practices and experience from different advertisers making the most of Pinterest.

Get a full-scale analysis of your business and recommendedsolutions to increase your profits.

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