The former colleague who became an investor, chairman, and customer

Alexander Hars' paths crossed with three out of four of Zalster's founders five years before the company was founded. In 2010, Alexander launched the discount service Let's Deal, and one by one, Albin Stööp, Nathanael Andersson, and Antonious Kioksoglou joined the team. The future Zalster founders quickly took responsibility for the company's marketing. Actually, they were among the first in Sweden to invest in marketing through Facebook, around 2011, which proved to be a successful strategy. 

– I immediately realized that these guys are incredibly competent. They knew what they were doing, even though paid advertising on social media was still relatively new, says Alexander Hars. 

After a few years, Albin, Nathanael, and Antonious decided to spread their wings and help more people with paid social media marketing. The result was Zalster. Alexander Hars supported their decision and not only felt happy for his colleagues but also became an investor and chairman of the company.
– It was obvious to me to invest in Zalster. I knew about their abilities and strongly believed in their ideas, says Alexander Hars, continuing: – The Zalster team is one of the most experienced in paid marketing for Meta in the Nordic region. They possess technical expertise and a deep understanding of the platform. Moreover, they are fantastic people, and it's a privilege to work with them.
Since 2018, Alexander Hars has owned the bedding company, Alva Linen. When it came to marketing the company, he realized it wasn't working optimally when they handled it themselves. The choice was easy: to hire the experts at Zalster.
– We thought we were doing everything right, but when we got help from Zalster, we realized we were so wrong. They gave our paid marketing a significant boost, especially regarding returns. We saw an increase of about 50 percent there, Alexander Hars explains. Today, they have regular weekly meetings with Zalster's team, reviewing the results and summarizing the performance of different campaigns. They also receive support and suggestions regarding content and various approaches. Alexander Hars is more than satisfied with the collaboration.
– There is an enormous passion at Zalster; they truly strive to help their customers. Currently, they are assisting us with Meta, but they are also skilled in other channels, such as TikTok and Pinterest. It's great to see them expanding their offerings, concludes Alexander Hars.