Automating Facebook Ads with an AI tool.

Artificial intelligence is today something everyone can utilize. In the workflow of a marketer, it makes a lot of sense to why an AI tool should be applied to automate and optimize active marketing campaigns. As probably understood, AI often takes better decisions than a human on gut feeling. It's pretty hard to compete with.

  • AI tool to automate facebook ads

    Why an AI tool for facebook ads?

    Why artificial intelligence?

    Facebook Ads is a complex tool, used by over 6 million advertisers worldwide. There's so much opportunity that at some point, it becomes inevitable that AI tools must be developed to assist marketers in taking the right choices, choosing the right options and creating the most optimal campaign structure.

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    In the push of a button, you can optimize a campaign on Facebook Ads.

    How is artificial intelligence applied?

    It's amazing how easy actually applying AI can be. In the push of a button, you can have your marketing campaigns on Facebook & Instagram Ads automated an optimized by algorithms - fueled by artifical intelligence. The future is here, folks! It's time to enjoy it.

  • You can get started with AI in just a few clicks.

    When can artificial intelligence be used?

    Automating the marketing campaigns you have active on Facebook and Instagram can be a reality in just a moment. At Zalster, we've developed a comprehensive tool for advertisers. By simply giving us a few number of input, we can make your work much easier and (no offence) better. It's still AI we're talking about here.