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Save time and focus on what's important while automations maximizes your campaign performance. 

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    "We’re saving loads of time with this automation tool!"

    Martina, Online Marketing Manager @ Homeroom

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    "We save time to do other things instead of manually optimizing our Facebook campaigns."

    Samuel, Digital Marketing @ WINT

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    "We no longer do all the manual work as we did before, the algorithms do it for us!"

    Marlene, Marketing Manager @ DREAMS

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    "I can totally recommend Zalster, their automation tool is genius."

    Michael, CEO @ Anthony Edward

    No scripts or implementations needed
    Free trial without credit card
    2 minutes to get started with automations

How smart marketers are using Zalster to save time with powerful automations:


Optimize budgets between campaigns to maximize performance


Automatically increase budgets when performance is high


Analyze performance data in beautiful reports


Rules to automatically pause bad performing ads


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Curious why we're so passionate about Facebook Ads automation and why we built a tool for it?

It's the typical startup story. You might have heard it before :)

In 2010, the founders of Zalster started at an E-commerce company in Sweden. One of them had been running marketing campaigns on Facebook since a couple of years back. So, when they were given the task to make this newly started E-commerce company grow rapidy - it was one of the first marketing channels to explore.
Over the years, this E-commerce company grew and their campaigns on social media was a big part of the success. They spent a lot of their budget on News Feed Ads (which was new at the time) and managed to get low CPA and high ROI - every marketers dream.
But something was missing; automations. They felt that they couldn't be optimizing campaigns on Facebook on evenings, nights and weekends - it was just too overwhelming. Instead, they explored the tools available to see if there was a match with any of them - but without success.
So, they decided to build their own tool. Zalster was founded in 2015 and became a Facebook Marketing Partner & Instagram Partner in 2017.

"All languages travel at the speed of sound, sign language travels at the speed of light."

- Said someone at zalster when leaving the office one day