Head of Marketing


Fatima is a dedicated and caring executive at a multi-product eCommerce store where she’s worked her way up and is now the Head of Marketing. She’s been working in both ups and downs throughout the company history and has seen colleagues, agencies and partners come and go over the years.
Fatima's most important task is to keep track of the overall performance of their marketing while making sure that the well-being of her team is high in order to keep up motivation and performance across all daily operations. Her ultimate responsibility is to make sure that the business is growing. This is achieved by gradually scaling their marketing and making sure that they are maintaining results as they go. Fatima has found this very challenging since she always finds results dropping whenever they try to scale.

How she utilizes Zalster


Campaign Pool Budget

Since Fatima isn’t hands-on herself in the company’s ad accounts she relies on her Paid Acquisition Specialists to handle operational marketing. The Campaign Pool Budget automation has allowed her marketing team to group different markets, products and objectives in ways that deliver the best results in a very strategic way. She can easily gain quick overviews of performance and how the budget pools are performing, what drives the results and why specific markets are struggling. Her team now has more time to do strategic work and breakdowns in order to prepare for the coming quarters. 


Bid Optimization

Before Fatima decided to collaborate with Zalster, her marketing team had played around a tiny bit with different bid strategies but without any real conclusion on what the impact was on their results. Fatima knew from speaking with their Facebook rep and other colleagues in the business that bids could impact their results in a positive way if they found the right strategy. Since her team started using Zalster’s Bid Optimization they found that in a matter of weeks their CPAs went down and their return on ad spend started to increase. They continuously adjusted the ROAS goal in the optimization wizard to keep spend amount and results at a balanced level. 


Ad Optimization

One of the most time-consuming and energy draining tasks as Head of Marketing was previously putting her team to work in creating, testing, analyzing and continuously switching ads on and off depending on performance and relevance. They are now using Zalsters Ad Optimization to do the work for the whole team by automatically testing the selected ads one by one in order to really understand what ads are driving performance at certain times and to what audiences. This has saved their marketing team significant amounts of time and kept the ads from early fatigue while helping them understand what kind of ads they should produce more of. 


Client Success Manager

Fatima is an experienced marketer but isn’t very operational in the daily tasks since her main focus is the strategic work and overall performance of her team. Before Fatima started working with Zalster she really didn’t have a strategic partner to bounce ideas with since her team is doing the hands-on work and it’s her responsibility to guide them, not the other way around. While her team is getting tons of concrete and specific ad account feedback from their Client Success Manager at Zalster, Fatima has found that the same Client Success Manager is great at giving her constructive feedback on strategies and helping her to look a bit into the future.