Digital Marketing Strategist


David is an experienced digital marketer who's worked at multiple eCommerce businesses, selling different products and having small as well as large budgets to spend on marketing. David is operating on a strategic level and isn’t keen on spending that much time in the day to day operations of the marketing channels that his business is using.
It’s very important for David to keep track of the performance of all the marketing channels to be able to strategically plan and execute future campaigns. In order to do this, David has throughout his long career realized that he needs the right tools to help him save time while being able to have full control over performance at all times.

How he utilizes Zalster


Campaign Pool Budget

The Campaign Pool Budget automation helps David to group campaigns with his purchase and landing page views end goals to optimize the distribution of his budget between the campaigns with the two different objectives. David gets more control over the way his budget is spent based on data instead of having to figure out what is reasonable by manual time-consuming analysis on his own part. David has freed up a lot of time while still having a complete overview of performance to do strategic, long-term planning for his business.


Ad Optimization

David isn’t that involved in creating the actual ads, although he wants to be the first to know which ads are performing best and worst. He is using Zalster's Ad Optimization to do the work for him by automatically testing ads one by one and by collecting enough data to understand which ads are the best and worst performers. When this is done, David's best performing ads will run more and his worst less. By that, he knows what’s working and what isn’t, and can easily brief his colleagues to draft more of the better performing ads which will be shown to the right audience, with the best message at the optimal time.



In David's own mind, his need for control and to be updated on performance at all times is something he both loves and hates with himself. The latter is because he previously had to bring his computer on holidays, weekends as well as making late-night checks before bed to know what’s going on. That all changed when he started using the Slackbot from Zalster. He can get notifications when something is happening in their account as well as check up on performance at any time by only using his smartphone. He likes to look at the preview of their best-performing ad each day and to check if his business is predicted to spend their total marketing budget during the day. He even invited the Slackbot to their marketing channel so all of his colleagues can utilize it and stay up to date at all times. By staying updated, David is now proactive instead of reactive as he was before.