Paid Acquisition Specialist


Victoria is an ambitious and digital savvy paid acquisition specialist at an international eyewear brand. She spends a lot of time hands-on in all marketing channels that the company is using to sell their products.
Victoria needs to be efficient since time is of the essence as she handles many channels every day. At the same time, it’s important that she grows in her role and learns more about the different marketing channels to be able to make better decisions and to be more independent. The most important KPI for Victoria is ROAS (return on ad spend).

How she utilizes Zalster


Campaign Pool Budget

The Campaign Pool Budget automation helps Victoria to group campaigns with her purchase end goal to optimize the distribution of her budget between the campaigns. Victoria gets more control over the way her budget is spent based on data instead of having to figure out what is reasonable by manual time-consuming analysis on her own part. 


Bid Optimization

Victoria uses the Bid Optimization by inserting her specific goal in the wizard (ROAS of 300%) and enables the algorithms to start adjusting the settings to chase her goal. Victoria is letting Zalster change the bids and bid strategies rapidly in the beginning and then stabilize once it has gathered enough data. When Zalster has collected enough data for Victoria's business, the correct bid and bid strategy will be set to a standard and only small adjustments will continuously occur to sharpen her results.


Ad Optimization

One of the most time-consuming tasks of Victoria's job was previously to create, test, analyze and manually turn ads on and off while finding the best-performing ones for her business. She is now using Zalster's Ad Optimization algorithm to do most of the work for her by automatically testing all the ads she selects one by one to gather fair and significant data in order to find out which ads perform best at certain times and to which audiences. Once this process is done, the algorithm will select the best performing ads to be shown at the right time to the right audience. Victoria is saving loads of time and is minimizing ad fatigue while results and engagement increase over time. 


Client Success Manager

With all the knowledge and insights that Victoria can get from working with Zalster, it can sometimes be difficult to prioritize and execute. Luckily, she has a Client Success Manager from Zalster that she’s more or less considering as her colleague. They bounce creative ideas, set up strategies together and help out to even the workload. Victoria is evolving in her role and is becoming a better marketer by working closely with an expert from outside her business. Victoria is no longer stressed about performance every day and is enabled to focus on more long term strategies to grow the business even further.