Have you lost your marketing job, due to Corona? Are you based in Sweden? πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ

Let's find you a new job! There are still employers out there actively looking for marketers. Let's make their hunt easier.
All you need to fill out is your email, city and a link to you Linkedin profile :)

Are you looking for marketers to hire in Sweden?

We've found marketers in Sweden that lost their jobs due to Corona. We know employers like you are actively looking for great candidates and we have a list of some of them!
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Who are Zalster and why are you doing this?

We are a marketing automation software company, based in Sweden. Just like you, we're sad about all consequences of the Corona virus. 
That's why we'd like to help marketing people that have lost their jobs, on finding a new one as fast as possible. ❀️