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A high performance tracking solution, implemented and supported by Zalster

Deploy the most efficient Google Tag Manager solution on the market, without bothering your engineering team on Slack, and let Zalster take care of the servers so you can focus on your advertising accounts.
Compatible with any Commerce Platform and all versions of Google Analytics.



$250per month

$500 Implementation Fee

1 Domain

Utilize Zalster Servers for Conversions API tracking

Full support and guidance on all new Meta CAPI features and API Changes 


$600per month

No Implementation Fee

Utilize Zalster Servers for Conversions API tracking

Up to 10 Domains

Full support and guidance on all new Meta CAPI features and API Changes 

Slack Support for CAPI & Pixel, client side & server side

Multi Channel as Platforms Release


$1500per month

No Implementation Fee

Unlimited Domains

Everything in Basic & Pro Packages

Dedicated expert CSM. Monthly meetings covering Signals, Optimization, and Advertising Strategy

Custom Integrations with internal systems (CRM, CDP)

Advanced Lead Tracking, Margin Data reporting in Ads Manager, and other Facebook Solutions

Trusted by industry leaders


Why does the Conversions API matter?

Adopting the Conversions API is the single most valuable action advertisers can take at this moment. Get prepared for coming current and coming browser changes! Here are the main issues that have arisen:

    Many conversions are happening on iOS, where Apple's ITP has a significant impact on browser tracking.
    Browsers are increasingly adding more robust tracking-blockers by default to protect user privacy.
    Ad Blockers are growing in popularity and create tracking issues as a result of the core service

With Facebook Conversions API, you’ll be able to account for conversion events that the pixel fails to pick up. As mentioned above, more and more conversion events are disappearing from traditional tracking methods, and the Conversions API is the new normal in a more privacy-centric way of tracking and measuring.

What has changed?

Browsers are becoming less reliable for event tracking due to the privacy measures taken, ITP being the most popular one.

These changes have resulted in significant issues with targeting and tracking, which directly affect businesses' ability to run profitable paid social campaigns.

By implementing a robust server-server tracking strategy, you can stay one step ahead and be prepared for coming updates to coming browser updates that will make it harder and harder for classic browser tracking to function optimally.