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meet Emma, the slack bot for facebook ads

get lightning quick insights about your ad account, recommendations on how to improve delivery or great overviews. ask her anything from overlapping audiences to predictions of results.

how it works

  • Emma joins your slack team

    our insanely quick bot, Emma, joins your slack team and is 24/7 ready to answer to any command or operations. everything to make your days easier.

  • give commands and get response in 1 sec

    emma can give you everything from a fully customized performance report to recommendations on when to change your creatives due to ad fatigue.

  • manage simple tasks through slack

    another nugget is the command "campaigns" which spawns a list of all active campaigns. in this view, you can do simple operations on your campaigns, ad sets and ads. you can even get previews of your active ads and their individual performance.

oh, pricing? it's $45 a month (per ad account).simple as that.

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"the first time someone steals a spaceship and flies away is going to be epic."

- fredrik, product genius at zalster (and probably a high-risk person to steal a spaceship)