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Get Facebook Ads Reports, in Slack

You're using Slack. You're advertising on Facebook. Therefore, you should be able to get neat performance reports directly in Slack - at any time.


How to get started with Emma

Yes, our Slackbot's called Emma

  • 1. Sign up with your Facebook account

    After signup you've automatically given our bot Emma access to read your Facebook ad account data and she'll be able to give you reports.

  • 2. Connect your Slack team

    Then, we need a connection to the Slack team of your choice to enable Emma as a bot (which everyone in the team will have access to).

  • 3. Write to Emma and get an answer in 1 second

    Lastly, you enjoy the amazing feeling of just being able to write "overview" or "campaigns" to Emma in your Slack team - and you'll get dynamic and customizable performance reports in 1 second.

Uh, pricing? it's $5 per user and month (and ad account).Cancel anytime.

Don't overthink, just try it.

33 day free trial. No credit card required. About 1 minute to get started.

"The first time someone steals a spaceship and flies away is going to be epic."

- Fredrik, product genius at Zalster (and probably a high-risk person to steal a spaceship)