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get facebook ads reports, in slack. 

you're using slack. you're advertising on facebook. therefore, you should be able to get neat performance reports directly in slack - at any time.

want to start a free 33 day trial?

how to get started with "emma" (yes, our slack bot has a cute name)

  • 1. sign up with your facebook account

    you sign up with your facebook account, giving our bot emma access to read your facebook ad account data to be able to run reports.

  • 2. connect your slack team.

    then, we need a connection to the slack team of your choice to enable emma as a bot (which everyone in the team will have access to).

  • 3. write to emma and get an answer in 1 second

    lastly, you enjoy the amazing feeling of just being able to write "overview" or "campaigns" to emma in your slack team - and you'll get dynamic an customizable performance reports in 1 second.

oh, pricing? it's $5 per user and month. cancel anytime.simple as that.


don't over think it. just try it for free.

33 day free trial. no credit card required. 1 minute to get started.

"the first time someone steals a spaceship and flies away is going to be epic."

- fredrik, product genius at zalster (and probably a high-risk person to steal a spaceship)