Facebook Ads Slackbot

Most eCommerce marketing teams use Slack for communication. With our Slackbot Emma, you'll be able to harvest more value from your existing way of working. 
Get quick account insights, performance reports or simply ask for sales predictions. Our Slackbot Emma will help you out in no-time. 


One of my favorite functions is the Slackbot which gives us useful ideas and optimization tips, directly in our Slack channel.

Samuel, Inbound Marketing Manager


Easy integration, lightning-quick insights

Get lightning-quick insights or Facebook ad account data whenever you need it, whether you're on the move or behind your double-screen office setup. 
Ask for metric-specific predictions, account performance overviews or neat reports - it's all at your fingertips, one command away. 


Accessible, useful and free of charge

Invite the Slackbot to your marketing channel and let all of your team harvest the benefits or keep her in a separate channel for private use, any purpose will do. 
At this moment, Emma is free of charge. Hit the button below and invite her to your Slack team.