Meet your new Facebook Ads assistant - our Slack bot.

No more monkey work. No more decisions made on gut feeling. No more missing out on great opportunities.

Facebook Ads automation in the form of a Slack bot is the result of pairing artificial intelligence with the struggles of a marketer.

How to get started in 2 minutes

  1. Login with Facebook Connect to our platform
  2. Go through our simple setup wizard (takes 1 minute)
  3. Go to the Slack settings page and hit Add to Slack

Stop doing monkey work.
The bot will do it for you.

Zalster APP 3:00 PM It looks like the Ad Set below has decreased in performance due to declining ad performance. Please consider adding new ads to it.
High value lookalikes - US + CA
Zalster APP 9:00 AM Hi there! 👋 Did you know that these 5 products are the best selling ones, in your product feed-based campaigns? (Based on last week)
  • Wacom Stylus
  • Apple Magic Mouse
  • HTC Vive
  • iPhone X 256 GB
  • Apple Watch - Space grey

Less work. Enhanced decisions. New insights.

Together with the Slack Bot, our web-based platform helps you enhance your Facebook & Instagram Advertising - through intelligent automations and optimizations.

Our 24/7 Customer Success Team can also assist you with any strategic or technical questions you might have.
Examples of commands
  •  overview  - gives you a customized report of your performance for a specified time period (e.g. yesterday or last 7 days) and your preferred attribution window.
  •  predict ______  - will give you the predicted number of actions or amount for today. It could be everything from spend and clicks to conversions and impressions.
  •  interests  - gives you insight into the currently best performing interests.


Included functionality



per Ad Account


5% of Ad Spend

Monthly minimum charge: $895

Easy Reporting in Slack

Intelligent Predictions

Smart Recommendations

Customizable Dashboard

Automated Optimizations

24/7 Support

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

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