Getting Started with Zalster

A start-up meeting, an account health check, and scheduling of weekly check-ins. That's all you need in order to start maximizing your Facebook and Instagram advertising results.

9 out of 10 businesses stay with us for more than a year

Get started process


Start-up meeting

Tell us about your challenges and marketing goals and we'll tailor a workflow in order to reach your targets.


Health-check & account inspection

Your Client Success Manager performs a thorough account inspection, both in technicalities and campaign structures, and provides any useful feedback or changes.


Schedule touchpoints and meetings

Together with your Client Success Manager, you'll set up weekly or biweekly follow up-sessions in order to continuously work towards your marketing goals.

What happens next?


Regular check-ins

During our scheduled check-ins, we can provide proven strategies to scale, help with experimentation, or pass on some feedback. It's up to you.


Algorithms handle ongoing optimization

Our algorithms handle certain manual tasks such as pausing poor-performing ads, allocate budgets in the most effective way, or manage your bidding.


Experimentation and learning

If you want to explore new ways of working with your campaigns, try out larger A/B testing, or set up advanced split tests we're happy to help in all stages of the processes.


Long-term strategy

You can easily set up specific sessions for planning long-term strategies and actions with your CSM. We've got tons of experience and proven strategies in all verticals.


The built-in machine learning also allows us to improve our performance over time

Melissa, AD at the fast growing e-commerce Joy