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At Zalster, we help e-commerce businesses achieve optimal paid social performance by combining cutting-edge expertise with powerful automation technology.



Our combination is your edge

We drive paid social e-commerce business performance through a combination of automation technology and cutting-edge expertise 


Marketing cycles, not funnels

Most businesses are different from each other, that’s why we avoid using the standardized marketing funnel in our approach. Instead, we help businesses to create effective custom strategies to reach their goals depending on their situation, resources and goals.


Growth identifiers

Our data-driven and analytical approach to paid social performance is a key factor in identifying growth potential. With robust technical integrations, automation technology and expertise we help businesses to recognize and infuse growth into their campaigns. 


Human + Technology

Human expertise in combination with powerful tech is a proven concept in digital advertising. We combine automation tech to optimize your campaign performance on multiple levels with human expertise and creativity to find winning strategies and performance. 

Agency Services


Agency Services for Facebook Ads


Agency Services for Pinterest Ads


Agency Services for Snapchat Ads


Implementation of Conversions API

The whole package

Sign up for Agency Services and get a Meta Conversions API implementation for FREE!

Adopting the Conversions API is the single most valuable action advertisers can take at this moment. Get better signals and be prepared for the cookie-less future! Get your Conversions API implementation for free when you start an agency service collaboration with us.

The difference

Best of two worlds

No more picking between a highly-skilled agency and an innovative ad-tech partner. Zalster combines the power of tech innovation with cutting-edge agency skills. In the eco-system of agencies and ad-tech partners, there’s always one or the other - until now.

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Technical solutions

Conversions API

Send the most robust tracking signals while respecting user privacy.

Automation Tech

Automate budget allocation, bidding, and more, through machine learning algorithms.

Ad Tech

Create beautiful Stories with ease and automate ad testing with a data-driven automation protocol.

Technical account audit

Full-scope technical audit of your Business Manager with a detailed, in-depth actionable report.

Ad account audit

Complete ad account audit with a technical and structural deep-dive, resulting in an actionable report with prioritizations.

Google Tag Manager Services

General Google Tag Manager setup consultation, pixel setups, and GA4 implementations.

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